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W H A T   M A K E S   O U R  
M I N E R A L   P R O D U C T S
U N I Q U E ?

S I M P L E    C O M P O S I T I O N

Properly applied mineral makeup lasts
on the skin all day long, and makeup
removal is very easy. Just wash it off
with a gentle cleanser or micellar liquid.

Mineral makeup is light and not
noticeable and provides a natural
finish. Mineral products are free of
synthetic ingredients, so they show
non-comedogenic properties. The
loose foundation allows the skin to
breathe freely, does not clog pores,
and does not cause the formation of

Paese Minerals products are composed
of 99% ingredients of natural origin.
Each ingredient has its purpose and
has a significant effect on improving the
condition of the skin.

Paese Minerals products are 100%
vegan and not tested on animals.

We have added natural active
ingredients to our products to enhance
the power of minerals. In addition to
multi-directional skincare, they
provide soothing relief.

A  L O T  O F   S U P E R P O W E R S

C A R E F U L LY   S E L E C T E D

High-quality and functional

We have selected a handy little jar with a dedicated strainer.
The strainer has 20 evenly spaced holes, thanks to which the
perfect amount of the product is always dosed. We also designed an additional insert to prevent unwanted spilling of the product.
The entire packaging has been manufactured in Poland.

Ready to be used again

You can reuse the jar or easily disassemble it and dispose of it in the appropriate trash garbage cans to be recycled.


W E L L - T H I N K E D

For us, the visual design of a product is
as important as its interior. Each of our
products has a story. The line color, the
packaging design, the paper texture – every
detail must be thought through. The design
of the Paese Minerals line was no different.

I N S P I R E D   B Y

While creating the concept of the Paese
Minerals line, we were inspired by precious
stones, or to be more precise, minerals.
We have selected five minerals that
are exceptionally beautiful and possess
extraordinary powers. The stones were drawn
with watercolors on the packaging.


a stone of physical, emotional and
intellectual balance. It is said to
harmonize soul, body and mind which is
conducive to healing of relationships and
soothes difficult emotional states, bringing
peace and acceptance.

a victory stone that protects against
negative energies and stress. It has
a positive effect on strengthening the
immune system, calms the nervous
system and ensures mental, emotional
and physical balance.

also called ”the stone of love”. It’s
energy opens hearts to love, allows us
to overcome shyness and shows the
right way for those who suffer from heart

a stone of peace and harmony. Helpful in
stressful situations, calms the nerves and
helps you recover inner balance. Supports
communication between partners.

it relieves stress and adds energy.
It helps free your mind from negative
thoughts. It cleans energy and calms you
by introducing in a state of relaxation.

D I S C O V E R    T H E    P O W E R
O F    M I N E R A L S

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