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At PAESE, we always combine beautiful makeup with skincare, which is why we have devoted over four years of research and testing to create an innovative Nanorevit line for you. Nanorevit is the first makeup line on the market with such valuable care and protective properties, enriched with a super ingredient: closed in a nanostructure blackcurrant seed oil. Blackcurrant oil has a high content of EFAs, omega-3, antioxidants, and vitamins. Thanks to our innovative and patented formula, it penetrates deep layers of the skin, nourishing, moisturising, and regenerating it for a long time.
The effects of the Nanorevit line products have been confirmed by tests carried out by an independent laboratory.
The Nanorevit line has been inspired by nature. We obtain blackcurrant oil in an ecological process of extraction at low temperature, which allows obtaining exceptionally pure oil while maintaining its valuable properties.

Blackcurrant seed oil:

  • intensively moisturises

  • nourishes along with omega-3 fatty acids

  • deeply regenerates

  • rich in antioxidants that effectively delay the aging process and protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors

  • reduces facial redness

  • has a protective and soothing effect and is therefore safe for problematic skin

The firstline of colourcosmetics on themarketwithsuch advanced and unprecedented
skin careproperties.
•The firstcosmetic line withsuch efficient anti-aging and anti-inflammatoryactivities.
•The firstcolourcosmetics withsuch highlyeffectiveskin perfectioning properties.
Nanorevit Line possesses allnecessarycertificationconfirming howitimprovesthe
condition ofthe skin.
•According to the opinion on innovation issued by the independent Institute of Industrial
Chemistry,itcan be stated thatthe technological solutionsand productformulas as wellas
thearea of their application are innovativeboth, on the Polishand global markets.


How did we do it?

We used blackcurrant pomace  from juice production.

Dried seeds went to the Institute of  New Chemical Syntheses in Puławy,  where they underwent the extraction  process, which uses a technology  created together with the Cracow  University of Technology.

This innovative method of extraction  protects the oil from the negative  effects of oxidation. Thanks to this,  we receive the oil in its purest form,  preserving all its natural properties.

The oil obtained in this way is  subjected to ultrasound, which  disrupts it into nanoparticles.

We then put them in our products  so that your skin can enjoy them  every day.

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