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Hydrobase Under Eyes

Hydrobase Under Eyes

R300.00 Regular Price
R270.00Sale Price

The extremely positive way hydrobase under make-up was received by our clients, motivated
us to go a step further. In life, we continuously meet new people and are instantly drawn to their
eyes. It’s been proved that the eye area is one of the most important areas in terms
of aesthetics and should never be ignored.


That's why we decided to create a unique product under the eyes to better take care of your
beauty. This is how hydrobase under eyes was created. Rich in active ingredients, this
base-cream provides comprehensive care for the skin around the eyes. Regularly applied,
the skin looks fresher and more radiant, and the look becomes bright


The formula developed by us is based on many beneficial, natural ingredients, such as coffee
butter, sweet almond oil and bergamot water.
However, the most important ingredient that was added is the Eye'fective™ complex.
It contains extracts from white flowers of hawthorn and Arabian jasmine, thanks to which
hydrobase under eyes::
• reduces wrinkles around the eyes by 10%,
• brightens shadows under the eyes by almost 7% and prevents their formation,
• has an upper eyelid providing a lifting effect of 7%,
after only 3 weeks of use.
(Effects confirmed by independent laboratory research.)

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